Eenovators is a leading Energy Service Company (ESCo) in East Africa. The ESCo model used aims to empower clients by taking on the responsibility of developing, financing, owning, and operating energy systems that bring down the cost of energy.

Eenovators ESCo model approach is aligned to Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) Certification standards thus ensuring that projects developed are well engineered and that the savings projections are predictable.

Eenovators ESCo models uses the performance contracting model to guarantee savings for clients who engage in the program and uses the following roadmap.

1. Origination A site walkthrough is conducted to find out if any energy efficiency opportunities exist that will warrant further development.
2. Project Development – A Project Development Agreement is signed and this allows for an Investment Grade Energy Audit to be conducted. The project is developed and documented to meet international standards and protocols.
3. Quality Assurance – A team of third party quality assessors review the documentation to check compliance to the required standards.
4. Certification – The developed project is then certified upon completion of the quality assessment and review.
5. Investment – Investors, Lenders, Building Owners, and Eenovators proceed to make investment decisions based on increased confidence in the projected savings.
6. Implementation – The project is then designed and constructed to give the projected returns
7. Performance – Building performance is optimized through proper operation and maintenance. Measurement and Verification is done through IPMVP protocols to verify the savings.

Eenovators takes a holistic approach to energy management using the ESCo model. All aspects of demand and supply of energy, process operations of the systems and human behavior are assessed and with the proprietary Eagles Energy Program, Eenovators is able to offer a Turnkey Solutions using to ease implementation of energy projects and guarantee performance.


Eenovators offers energy management training aimed at equipping energy professionals with holistic energy management skills relevant to the market, as well as to create awareness of energy management amongst the public. Eenovators’ training programmes endeavor to offer value addition for participants through capacity building on energy efficiency. From experience conducting energy audits and projects in the region, Eenovators has identified key areas that require technical upskilling to enable efficiency strategies and skilled energy-focused competencies within organizations.

Eenovators training programmes are internationally recognized and certified and are facilitated by a qualified team of energy experts both local and global. The courses are both standard international programmes as well as tailor made on site programmes to suit clients’ specific needs. Training programmes are also customized per industry sector allowing for focus on the unique energy training needs across different industry sectors. Eenovators endeavours to ensure training programmes are up to date and include any emerging global trends in the energy industry.

Eenovators runs training programmes in partnership with formidable brands including the Association of Energy Engineers, The Energy Training Foundation, and The Association of Energy Professionals East Africa. Eenovators is also certified by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) as training provider in the energy sector.


Eenovators has a menu of consulting services that enable organizations work through their energy conservation strategies and planning. The team of consultants have the requisite experience and capabilities to undertake turnkey energy management projects from conception to sustainability monitoring.

Eenovators has and continues to undertake energy research projects with a view to providing useful baseline and continuance data to inform energy decision making locally and globally. Inadequate study has often seen unsustainable efforts toward energy efficiency management, energy innovation, renewable power generation, and efficient application of technology for success. Eenovators contributes towards provision of useful data for energy decision making towards provision of alternative approaches and solutions in the energy space.

The Eenovators’ team that hosts a panel of energy experts who are called upon for energy decision making countrywide, consists of consulting engineers that are about passionate about conducting reviews and publishing energy papers on different emerging energy issues, development of training curriculum for professional energy programmes, establishment of partnerships with key institutions to further energy feasibility studies and research programmes, promoting data driven energy reporting mechanisms for implementation in industry as well as review of energy regulations towards continual improvement on compliance and uptake in the country.

Eenovators’ energy consulting arms feeds into capacity building programmes, development of tools for energy policy change and towards building the body of knowledge globally.


• Eagles Energy Management Programme
• Energy Audits
• Energy Efficiency Tools
• Solar PV Solutions
• Solar Hot Water Solutions
• Electricity Monitoring
• Water Monitoring